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The parliament also approved the changes to the Constitution , implementing a political reform backed by outgoing President Kuchma as a part of a political compromise between the acting authorities and opposition. In November Yanukovych stated that although his victory in the elections was "taken away", he gave up this victory in order to avoid bloodshed. I didn't want dead bodies from Kyiv to flow down the Dnipro. I didn't want to assume power through bloodshed.

The 26 December revote was held under intense scrutiny of local and international observers. The preliminary results, announced by the Central Election Commission on 28 December, gave Yushchenko and Yanukovych However, all their complaints were dismissed as without merit by both the Supreme Court of Ukraine and the Central Election Commission.

This Election Commission announcement [29] cleared the way for Yushchenko's inauguration as the President of Ukraine.


The official ceremony took place in the Verkhovna Rada building on 23 January and was followed by the "public inauguration" of the newly sworn President at Maidan Nezalezhnosti Independence Square in front of hundreds of thousands of his supporters. According to one version of events recounted by The New York Times , [32] Ukrainian security agencies played an unusual role in the Orange Revolution, with a KGB successor agency in the former Soviet state providing qualified support to the political opposition.

As per the paper report, on 28 November over 10, MVS Internal Ministry troops were mobilised to put down the protests in Independence Square in Kiev by the order of their commander, Lt. Sergei Popkov. Oleksander Galaka, head of GUR military intelligence made calls to "prevent bloodshed".

Vitaly Romanchenko military counter-intelligence chief both claimed to have warned Popkov to pull back his troops, which he did, preventing bloodshed. In addition to the desire to avoid bloodshed, the New York Times article suggests that siloviki , as the security officers are often called in the countries of the former Soviet Union , were motivated by personal aversion to the possibility of having to serve President Yanukovych, who was in his youth convicted of robbery and assault and had alleged connection with corrupt businessmen, especially if he were to ascend to the presidency by fraud.

The personal feelings of Gen. Smeshko towards Yanukovych may also have played a role. Additional evidence of Yushchenko's popularity and at least partial support among the SBU officers is shown by the fact that several embarrassing proofs of electoral fraud, including incriminating wiretap recordings of conversations among the Yanukovych campaign and government officials discussing how to rig the election, were provided to the Yushchenko camp.

According to Abel Polese, Kuchma was concerned about its reputation in the West ; because of lack of natural resources to finance his regime he had to show a commitment to democracy in order to be targeted for Western financial assistance. Throughout the demonstrations, Ukraine's emerging Internet usage facilitated by news sites which began to disseminate the Kuchma tapes was an integral part of the orange revolutionary process. It has even been suggested that the Orange Revolution was the first example of an Internet-organised mass protest.

As part of the Orange Revolution, the Ukrainian constitution was changed to shift powers from the presidency to the parliament. This was Oleksandr Moroz 's price for his decisive role in winning Yushchenko the presidency.

The Communists also supported these measures. These came into effect in during which Yanukovych's Party of Regions won the parliamentary election, creating a coalition government with the Socialists and the Communists under his leadership. As a result, President Viktor Yushchenko had to deal with a powerful Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych who had control of many important portfolios.

His premiership ended in late after Yushchenko had succeeded in his months-long attempt to dissolve parliament. After the election, Yanukovych's party again was the largest, but Tymoshenko's finished far ahead of Yushchenko's for second place. The Orange parties won a very narrow majority, permitting a new government under Tymoshenko, but Yushchenko's political decline continued to his poor showing in the presidential election. On 1 October , the Constitutional Court of Ukraine overturned the amendments, considering them unconstitutional.

A Circuit administrative court in Kiev forbade mass actions at Maidan Nezalezhnosti from 9 January to 5 February The Mayor 's office had requested this in order to avoid "nonstandard situations" during the aftermath of the presidential election. Apparently in particular the Party of Regions , All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland" and Svoboda had applied for a permit to demonstrate there. In the presidential election Viktor Yanukovych was declared the winner which was labeled by some Yanukovych supporters as "An end to this Orange nightmare".

The entire world recognised it, and international observers confirmed its results. That's why the ideals of the Orange Revolution won".

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President Viktor Yushchenko decreed in that 22 November the starting day of the Orange Revolution will be a non-public holiday "Day of Freedom". Outright vote rigging diminished after the presidential election. A research revealed that opinion about the nature of the Orange Revolution had barely shifted since and that the attitudes about it in the country remained divided along the same largely geographical lines that it had been at the time of the revolution West and Central Ukraine being more positive about the events and South and Eastern Ukraine more cynical seniors also.

During the elections campaign of the Ukrainian parliamentary election the Party of Regions ' campaign focused heavily on what they called the coach and ruins of 5 years of orange leadership. During Alexander Lukashenko 's inauguration ceremony as President of Belarus of 22 January Lukashenko vowed that Belarus would never have its own version of the Orange Revolution and Georgia 's Rose Revolution.

In Russian nationalist circles the Orange Revolution has been linked with fascism because, albeit marginal, Ukrainian nationalist extreme right-wing groups and Ukrainian Americans including Viktor Yushchenko wife, Kateryna Yushchenko , who was born in the United States were involved in the demonstrations; Russian nationalist groups see both as branches of the same tree of fascism.

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This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 24 January For a day by day overview, see Timeline of the Orange Revolution. Orange-clad demonstrators gather in the Independence Square in Kiev on 22 November Ukraine , primarily Kiev. Viktor Yushchenko Yulia Tymoshenko.

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Central Kiev: This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Viktor Yushchenko First round — percentage of total national vote. Viktor Yanukovych First round — percentage of total national vote. Viktor Yushchenko Second round — percentage of total national vote.

Viktor Yanukovych Second round — percentage of total national vote. Part of a series on the. Early history. Early modern history. Modern history. Topics by history. Name of Ukraine Historical regions Christianity in Ukraine. Human rights. Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman Cabinet. Verkhovna Rada parliament Chairman: Local government. Foreign relations. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister: See also. Other countries Atlas. Viktor Yushchenko Final round — percentage of total national vote. Viktor Yanukovych Final round — percentage of total national vote. This section needs to be updated.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. December There could even be a fourth front in Central Asia , where weak regimes are already being attacked by extremists and 'Orange Revolutions'. The Independent. BBC News. Kuchma's Presidency.

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Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Askold Krushelnycky An Orange Revolution: Pavol Demes and Joerg Forbrig eds. Reclaiming Democracy: German Marshall Fund, Lehrke, Jesse Paul. Location-by-location information. Buy Before you board Have your pass on your phone! Make life even easier with our free OC Bus mobile app.

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