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When I received it, things were as expected but very soon the battery life would drain in hours. The phone would turn off by itself after being sedentary for more than a few minutes. If the phone was dropped more than a few inches which it is supposed to be able to do without recourse then it turned off. The single was great, when I was in a city, but any further out into suburbia and between large cities, signal would drop like a rock in a pond.

Good phone for a beater phone, but you do get what you pay for. I ended up getting a second hand Samsung Rugby Pro after three weeks of dealing with this nonsense, which so far has d one well.

One of the toughest and most resilient cell phones I've ever had. I took it snowboarding and fell on top if it several times and it still works like a charm. The GT-S was my introduction to smartphones.

Samsung GT-S5690 Galaxy Xcover

It was very easy to learn touchscreen and android functions on this phone. You also get all the capability of gps, bluetooth, voice recording, and voice search. Above all, this phone is water-resistant and has a durable glass digitizer! While it is not indestructible, it can stand up to more than many newer, more expensive smartphones.

As with any smartphone, the battery will last longer with bluetooth, gps, and other app use kept to a minimum, and with that in mind the life of the battery in this phone is about 3 to 5 days with normal calling and text messaging. That's why I have bought this phone. The most thing I like about it is a smart phone based on Android. When you're in the apps menu, the shortcuts are still in place, with the fourth one now pointing to the main home screen.

The 3-megapixel camera is something of a disappointment, as this is an entry-level specification for a smartphone these days. Video shooting tops out at VGA resolution, which seems very low given that p is fast becoming the smartphone standard. A camera isn't an essential feature for everyone — but if it is, the low-end unit on offer here could be a deal breaker. Professional users will appreciate the presence of Polaris Office.

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You'll have to download it before first use via an icon in the apps area, but it's free to download. You can use Polaris Office to create new Word-, Excel- and PowerPoint-compatible documents as well as edit existing ones. It has a good range of formatting and other features and works well on a smartphone. The other bundled extra apps are less interesting to business users.

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These include an e-book reader, a fitness app called Cardio Trainer and a music store. Samsung's own app store complements the Android Market for additional downloads.

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If you're keen on music or GPS use you'll almost certainly need to find a source of mains power before the day is over. We tested the water resistance of the Galaxy Extreme by running it under a tap for several ten-minute periods. We found that unless we were careful to press the backplate down very firmly there was a little water seepage under it.

However, the second seal around the battery remained firmly watertight. Conclusion The Samsung Galaxy Extreme is an affordable Android handset whose rugged features may have some appeal, although we noticed a little water seepage under the backplate in our tests unless we were very careful about fitting it securely. It's short on internal storage, and the screen and camera are both disappointingly low resolution.

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Samsung Galaxy Extreme Xcover S5690

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