Samsung galaxy s3 charging port

I just ordered an external battery charger to charge the battery itself. You can order them from Amazon or Ebay. The only 2 GS3 charge ports I've seen that I couldn't fix were because of the damage someone else did to the board thinking they knew what they were doing. If a shop cannot do this rather simple repair, either your phone is the 1 in that is repairable or your hired fred flinstone to work on your phone.

One of these two is far more likely a scenario than the other. I hope that's helped. Roshan Maharjan. Hey if it's only for charging then Samsung Galaxy s3 users can use wireless charging method, by buying wireless charging kits ie lower than. Confirmed on mine, whatever you do don't solder to the one next to it as this will do strange things such as presenting 5V to the battery don't ask how I found this out!

This fix won't repair the USB lines but with some careful bridging via modwire it will then charge correctly. Vic Murphy vicba. I have just fixed mine and it took about 5 seconds, really! I had all the same issues mentioned by others. Slow charging leading to not charging at all. Or it charges for about 1 minute then cuts off. I blamed the battery, then tried another. Same problem. I blamed the port connector for being loose as when I wriggled it then sometimes a charge would kick in for a short while.

I blamed the charging lead because it was too thin or the wrong type, I blamed the plug that the charging lead goes into. I figured it might have been the connectors from the charging port to the mother board because so many 'experts' had suggested getting it professionally fixed.

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It was not the problem. I live in San Pedro Belize which is a salty, sandy island by the way.

How to charge Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 with Broken charging port / Another way of charging ✔

I purchased an electronics duster called 'Dust off' Incidentally, I am not an agent or in any way connected to the product, I'm sure there must be several other brands out there it is a small aerosol canister that has compressed air I suspect some sort of alcohol or spirit too from the smell but it is dry air that comes out.

The cannister comes with a small straw attachment. I squirted this into my charging port for about 5 seconds. My phone charged up immediately on my cheapo charging lead - not even the more expensive one that I bought. The phone now charges like new. Give it a go, it's super cheap and super fast. Best wishes, Vic.

Galaxy s3 usb port not working?

Was only a temporary fix from reading the rest of the solutions ik theres only changing out the motherboard can fix my problem. It is possible that a magnetic connector made using ultraviolet cured resin and including the needed. Alexabder alexander Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index.

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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S3 that's not charging [Troubleshooting Guide]

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Worked for mine, thank you. Jonathan James Rep: Hope this helps! Score 8. Bill Rep: Score 5. Score 4. Holding the buttons down helped it charge or turned it on? Also helped to me. Before that there was no reaction by the phone at all Thanks. Wuz dat vol upp or dwn? Score 3. Score 2. Cleaning it out wont work, got mine cleaned recently and it's still not charging properly. Samsung totally screwed all of their customers over.

Where do I get it? Is that what I ask salesperson for contact cleaner?

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S3 that’s not charging [Troubleshooting Guide]

Mickey Masterson Rep: JTK Rep: We reserve the right to send any board back if it does not meet our requirements for repairing the board. Ask questions before you purchase. We are not responsible for a Samsung Galaxy S3 that is damaged or lost during shipping. Repair Warranty Along with our repair service you receive a 12 month component failure warranty. The 12 month component failure warranty covers the USB Charging Port from failing within the warranty time period provided to you and is limited to component failure only.

When sending your Samsung Galaxy S3 in for warranty you are responsible for shipping cost both ways to us and for shipping the Samsung Galaxy S3 back after warranty repair. We do not back up data and most the time we do not have to reset the Samsung Galaxy S3 however if we do this insures you will not loose any data. Also include a note with your invoice number and what service you purchased. Failure to provide this note will lead to repair delays.

Please note once we have received payment we will send you our shipping address and shipping instructions via email within 24 hours of your order during business hours Monday - Friday. Customer Reviews Based on 1 review Write a review. A broken charging port can make a Samsung Galaxy S3 inoperable as soon as the battery wears out. Since the micro USB dock that the Galaxy S3 uses for charging is soldered to the motherboard, there's a choice to be made: Replace the logic board or just the charging port?

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While installing a new logic board may be faster, it's also more expensive. A new charging port doesn't cost as much, yet it requires experience with desoldering and soldering electronic components.

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