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Includes mounting pillari. Comprehensive instruction manual. But those crazy Yankies Os portable PCs get more and more powerful and attractive you might think that Commodore missed the boat: Well you're not the Only one and Silent Paw Products, an American company totally dedi- cated to the Amiga not only dreamed about it, they took up the cause and actually produced one- It couldn't be done For years we have been told that an Amiga laptop was unfeasible because of the high power require- ments of the custom chips that the Amiga relies upon and the difficulty in making a LCD display conform to the Amiga's scan rates.

Commodore never endeavoured to design an Amiga laptop, believing that there was not sufficient demand for one to warrant the time and resources necessary. After Commodore disappeared, however, a chap called Shawn Randolph thought that it would be cool to put his A1 in a case with a LCD screen. And so the idea for the first Amiga portable was conceived and Silent Paw Products was born. Turning this idea into a product was much harder than Randolph anticipated though. It took nearly eighteen months to create the dream as it went through proto- type after prototype, trying to iron Out problems.

In the end, they ended up designing their own hardware solution for the problems that the LCD screens encountered with the Amiga's scan rates. A, A12G0 and A4Q00 versions were on dis- play though due to problems with their power supplies, they were still not completely functional at this stage. They are much big- ger and bulkier. Because there was no way to license the Amiga tech- nology when they were being developed Silent. Raws Products could not develop their own moth- erboards, which could have been specially designed to fit into a more compact laptop, Because of this you are now forced to literally place your A or A into a large metal case which has a LCD screen attached.

In an effort to keep costs down, The A and A1 models are made from air- craft aluminum and are rather heavy by comparison with PC lap- tops, However, Randolph is keen is point out that the aluminum makes the casing very sturdy, claiming that: The A model is the only one that could be compared to a PC or Mac laptop. This A ver-: Stilt, because of the power limitations of the AG00 it is seen as more practical.

However, the the A' compact size together with the new A accelerator board make now make it a more attrao tive option. That takes a lit- tle bit of time and is frustrating. PAWS allows you to pick it all up in a case and go. Battery operated Silent iPaws Products claims that the PAWS kits run on batteries for approximately 1 hour and 15 min- utes, about three to five times less time than current PC and Mac lap- tops. However, these batteries are made by Compaq, one of the largest laptop Technical Data Internal monitoring circuit that warns users of low power situa- tion when system is off.

Battery Life: Average battery life is 1. This figure may vary with the individual Amiga system configuration and use. This is very helpful for those who are forced to use PCs at work or if they simply don't want to have to copy files onto their PAWS from their Amiga by disk. His hope is, however, that as more and more laptop computers are produced for all platforms, the price of LCD screens will drop con- siderably, lowering the price of the PAWS.

Any f u plans? They plan to redesign the Amiga motherboard for the PAWS, to make it smaller, use less power and to put a chip on it for more computing power with less electricity con- sumption, but they have yet to even talk to Amiga Technologies about licensing the technology necessary to do this. The price is out of many peoples' range and the battery life is not very long.

We'll keep you posted on what is happening and when you might expect to see them. C-Miil hJf si'ajfirsttiiiN. MCI A jJot. Jl 74 Min. W I 05Gig.. OGigf CwnpaBj MVk V ]-Zbli V. I , riMP V4 Jhi v Clan I -i. Jihli, hr. Aml i rjrhnin. HPB6fJColuu- ell 9. Accelerator Cards. IC rr. F Ebmwi Scylui Col. UckMmrt LU l. KkkiUrt 2. M WH arabavr. Power Scan v4.

Art Department Pro.

Ise Wurtl PraCEiior j-. Write protect. Cartridge eject. HP installable. Pro Draw 2. Mrtjjic Illusions New. Microcosm, Oscar, Prv. So call for all your computing needs. So seriously, in fact, that they are now getting married on it. Mat Bettinson was on the guest list. Ohe Internet needs no introduction. It's become household name thanks 1o the recent mass media attention. The Amiga, however, was linked up to the net long before all of this hap- pened, right back when the art of connecting to the Internet required that you have an IQ of and pos- sess a doctorate in computing, These days there's a hard core group of Amiga users for which the Internet is not a play thing, it's a way of life.

They may not have been bom on the Internet but they look set to live, marry and die there. Getting to know you So how do potential soul mates get to know each other? There's sever- al different ways of conversing via the Internet, interested readers Should have a look through the Wired World tutorials running since the May issue of CU Amiga, One often neglected method is also the closest to having a real conversa- tion. T1 IY7. Ihe glowing hi ill i!

MGhI, knows who said what. Once you get used to it, this group communi- cation is far faster than the spoken word ever could be. In the great tradition of elec- tronic communications, real names aren't used, Instead everyone uses a 'Nick' which is short for nick name.

Alejandro Cache i Ro List

That doesn't mean that their real names are secret, it's, just shorter and trendier to use a nick, t use the nick 'Fingers' but anyone using a simple command can call up my real name in a second, In one Amiga related channel on the Undernet IRC network, a man going by the name of Sh'lips no prizes for the full nick is and a woman by the name of YakGirl, A M die expectant jennm Sh'lips. Ahlthh decided that it was time to make their long running electronic love affair official, They announced that they would become. A concept that will seem bizarre to those not long involved in the strange alternative culture that is the Internet.

Even then, many may think that the entire concept is amusing, Such a marriage couldn't stand up legally, The participants aren't even in the same country with Sh'lips based in Norway and YakGirl in the New York. However, why does a marriage have to be a legally bind- ing agreement? Is that all it is? Surely two people who love each other get married to forge a bond I ticrduy rcrcjiiilly lnviW yem to tht iKtnimiigr of Sh'lips and YakGirl. Kmm drddM i. That's the theory anyway, Whether you think these are nutty, net geeks or pioneers of man kind's next step into Internet evolution, one thing's for sure; it was a relief j not having to wear a tux.

Virtual confetti The ceremony was held at mid- night on Saturday the 2nd of December net heads are nearly always night-owls. This wedding goer was already the worse for wear after pre-Christmas weekend merriment. However, at 1 1: Here's where the virtual wedding differed from a real wedding. The bride and groom arrived dead on time, the best man didn't lose the ring and the bride's mother didn't sob all the way through the pro- ceedings. Befora fie Cafe ard 1th diH. After the rapid and Internet speak modified ceremony, I finally got to perform the ultimate cliche by throwing some virtual confetti.

Oddly enough I really felt like I was at a wedding. There was a dozens of simultaneously congrat- ulatory shouts followed by the crowd screaming for a speech, Speeches were duly typed out in turn by not only the best man but seemingly everyone else who knew the bride and groom and some that didn't. Finally the chan- nel was returned to an un moderat- ed state so everyone could speak again.

The party began instanta- neously. Virtual shouting, dancing and drinking carried on through the night while the couple danced to a slow waltz. Another advantage of a virtual wedding is that everyone can play their own music at the same time, Hawaii Cramming an entire night's wed- ding into iust 50 minutes or so IBTs profits were ticking over even faster than usual , revellers began to bid farewell to the congregation as tfie number present in the chan- nel ticked down from the record 65 to a couple of dozen, To wrap up, Sh'lips and YakGirl retired to the Hawaii channel amid many cheers for their honeymoon on the beach.

Time to begin! The net marriage is a blessed union. Take care of him for us. The Solution: A Dedicated Amiga Monitor. Hard on copy Soft on waflet. Printer spedfkallon: Delivery included, prices applies 1c UKorvly. Items subject lo availability. Visually its a stunning game but, more impor- tantly, it's a techni- cally demanding game. It's the beginning of the third gen eration of first person perspective 3D combat games on the Amiga, The first generation is rep- resented by the likes of Space Hulk, Dungeon Master and The Ishar Trilogy.

There are a lot of accelerators out there, end fast RAM is now almost standard. This means that they can give us the games we want, the games that can compete with other formats. Breathless is just such a game and it is soon to be followed by others. If you haven't already upgraded your Amiga, games like Breathless should encourage you to. See the review on page The other game which had us really going in the office this month is Pinball Prelude. With sure-fire music and a slightly different approach to table design it was a surprise favourite.

Who said that 21st Century were the pinball wizards? Effigy have just taken the torch from them. Team 17 were all excited again this month when they announced that Alien Breed 3D No. Top news lads. Something For Everyone! Heres What They Said.. Packed With Pics, Demos Elc! Includes Something For Everyone! Superb Value For Money! These previews are about material of an extremely violent nature, do not read on if you are easily offended. Or do you find it all just harmless fun? Where does fantasy end and reality begin.

Well Oil i Perti Koio of the Finnish develop- ment company Sou mi Peli reckons that society has become too boring and we all need some violent stimu- lation to keep us going. Going out into the streets and killing every- body in sight is just the tonic according to Olli and doing it on your computer is a damn sight better than acting out your fantasies in real life.

At first glance Damage is fairly innocent looking, remi nicient of Psygnosis' Benefactor, with small human sprites wandering around a street. Each one is distinguishable as a child, a woman, a man or a granny. Then a small white-shirted hooligan appears and, using a joystick you can walk him or run him around. Women, children, grannies Pretty soon all that's left is a gory pile of blood and guts on the ground.

Next thing you know a SWOT team arrives and start shoot- ing at you, Fear not though, you're pretty invulnerable to bullets and braining one of the old Bill with your bat will yield a shiny new shotgun. Now, to realistic sound effects, you can shoot instead of swing. Later, in posession of such high grade weapons as an M60 heavy machine gun and an UZI people will die that bit faster. Frankly Damage is sick, and after a while running around murdering people it loses its morbid fascina- tion.

Graphically this pre- view 1 version is nothing to speak about and the only gemeplay feature is the competition over the amount people you can kill. The full version promises more depth, but apart from shock value I'm not con- vinced. Soumi Peli intend to sell it mail order. I ong U can just imagine the scene in HMV: Not only does it have blood flying all over the place, but there's a topless ninja in it and just this morning he head-butted a friend while imitating one of the moves.

I demand you take it off sale" We live in a country where newspapers fea- turing topless models alongside horrific pictures of murder can be purchased by infants for 25 p but combine these in a game and there's sure to be an outcry. Click Boom have certainly pushed the boat out with Capital Punishment and you know what: Hailing from Toronto in Canada, Click Boom claim that CP is the bees knees as far as Amiga fighting titles are concerned and on first impressions I'm not willing to discount the theory- The demo we looked was fast and fluid.

The background decor is OK, but what really impresses is the animation. Although the combatant's facial expressions are a fait farcical and their uncovered limbs a bit wooden looking, the frame rate is higher than any fighting game I've seen so far and the moves are very effective.

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It's gratiously gory too. Although the demo was unfinished, one of the really cool touches already includ- ed is the swinging lamp above the fighters. Click Boom are 'currently in negotiation with various publishers' to bring us this game, and intend to have it released early in the new year. They warn you not to play any demos you see of CP if you are under age or of a weak disposition, and the full version will proba- bly have an age rating, but it's not as bad as they would like to make out.

Page Preview and Portrsir. With its flexible modes of operation, it's ideal for beginners and experts alike. Layered sheets tor multiple linked spreadsheet operation Advanced printing and font, handling with aoto-ht to page s and complete document scaling Vast choice of graph styles including 3D and animated: VI IHIh t. Qi 7'3 H. Power Computing t A third generation Doom clone is here and it's great.

Get in the pasta, pop open a Peroni, unclog the Espresso machine, take a deep breath and hold it Oields Of Visor are an Italian development team with dose links to their brains, Here is a company that sat down, thought hard about what they'd like to do and then did it, They disregarded the theoretical limits of the Amiga and said something like "we will produce the game we want, and to hell with those too stingy to upgrade".

So they did. They produced a 1x1 pixel dream game that needs accelera- tion but looks spectacular. OK readers, you can start breathing again. You kill or be killed. There are four worlds, each subdivided into a numher of levels, The earlier levels are all indoors and have you wandering around dim-to-bright corridors. A 'Or hi ktld! Gtt ontla Hi wiy!

I fell foolishly as t ktavilr irmtd twiiir wiim I rcillr iimM h opening doors, pressing the Alt fire key continuously and running like Billy-o to a shooting vantage point every time a big bad alien with a large gun appears. On later levels you get to run around in fog or even in open air opening doors and pressing the Alt key even more feverishly, while run- ning away like a rocket powered Billy-o every time three massive evil aliens attack you with j nfeasibly large weapons, It's great fun, honest.

The key- board is absolutely chocker-block with functions. The keypad allows you to increase or decrease reso- lution and screen size - a major advantage on less powerful machines, tt also allows you to look up or down. There are three angles of each, using the 7 and 1 buttons while 4 centres you again faster than you can say 'dough- nut'. The F-keys give you access to whatever weapons you have available, Joystick control is available, and top class, but 1 found it easier to stick to the keyboard as you still have to use it even in joystick mode if you want to change weapons, run or sidestep, Big weapons Don't you just love it when game developers get to the point and calf their weapons something decent.

The weakest weapon is A Tip: Wha me? Tat recoil d. Mlh awanUiiM MH jaad. The programmers must tie litness fanatics. Although he bullets are big enough they don't do an awful lot of damage, especially when you get onto the second level and beyond. I must say I haven't taken the time to count how many bullets it takes to kill a medium sized enemy but it's more than three or four, which always seems to be enough in most of the war movies I've watched.

So the simple shot is a bit useless, but it will all have to to 'cos it's all you've got for the first few levels. At the other end of the scale is the devastating and equally well named Death Machine. This little piece of kit is the equivalent of footing a burning, explosive filled grand piano at your quarry. But even this isn't enough to town one or two of the blighters. You can also upgrade these weapons if you have the dosh. This is accessed by walking right up and pressing the space bar.

This will give you several options including Weapons, Weapon Boost and Accessories. You need credits collected on all levels and usually guarded: The main screen is divided up into the playing screen and the icon bar at the bottom. This is by fair the neatest presentation of any game of this type so far.

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The three key readouts aire Health, Armour and Energy, Health has a maximum reading of and if you hit zero you die, The more armour you have to a maximum of the less health lost when enemy ammo hits you. This also decreases though as you are shot. Energy is Breathless' bullets substitute and although there is a theoretical limit of units of energy this is impossible to accumulate.

Write in and tell me if I'm wrong, but you must have one hell of a cheat if you do. Energy works for whatever gun you use,, but the bigger the gun the more energy t uses. This is not strictly true, although it does play to its maximum with one. We played it on a standard A12QQ. On a basic A there's no getting around the fact that you either need to play it in the basic 2x2 pixel mode, in which case it looks like Gloom, or else you've got to scale the screen down.

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The problem is that once you use the option of 1x1 pixels you'll never be able to look at a 2x2 screen again. Not only is it less pretty, less clear and a bit cack, it also induces motion sickness. As your eyes get used to the top notch 3D world of full resolution graphics, they'll find it hard to focus on the blocky world of 2x2, Because of this I was actually happier to play the game on a standard Amiga 1; at just the second smallest screen size.

Yes it was tiny, but it moved fast enough and the graphics were wonder- ful. Some, though will never stoop this low, so my advice is to upgrade to a decent accelerator with 4Mb of Fast RAM. A In lie beginning there were Doom clones with 2. A This is the standard default screan till. A Hhilif lull serena, U1 pixel mode above is all very well but il you don't have an accelerator then it's o seless. No surpris- es for guessing what it was best on.

But anything will make a dif- ference. I got addicted to the smooth graphics and found it dif- ficult to play in chunk mode so on the standard A I had to put up with a very small screen. RAM lets you increase the size of this screen, and every incremental increase in RAM and processor speed thereafter improves the game. I see the tvtute floating past me".

One of Iht many reaMy ceil thieas about Breathless is the ability In look up and down, and shoot ttliajs ia either direction. GAME REVIEW Not that it needs much in the way of improvement- I was a bit sceptical about depth and diffi- culty on the first level, but once you get used to all the moves, start building up weapons and gain some cash to spend in the shop you realise that there is a lot more to the game than at first look.

Having been taken in by how good looking Fears was, then let down by its paya- bility. I was dubious about Breathless at first. More concen- trated play and the consequent increase in success but it in per- spective; this game plays well almost as well as it looks. While there is no doubting Breathless' jjj graphical superiority I'm still in two minds about whether I prefer it or not.

The graphics certainly add masses of feeling to the game and the various enemies are An offer you can't refuse Upgrading your Amiga can be an expensive business, but we've teamed together with Power Computing to make it a tittle bit easier. To qualify for the discount you will have to provide them with a receipt and registration document and also the score box from this review. I also much prefer Breathless' pre- sentation: But Breed had a dark atmosphere to it. The creatures look really evil even if they only look evil in a biocky sort of way and it sends a tingle down my spine.

Breathless is more efficient, more business like, but hasn't as much heart rubber or not , or colour, But With both Black Magic and Team 17 developing new versions of their respective titles to compete, Breathless has certainly shook up the scene, like Gloom and AB3D did in At the moment though there's nothing like it and I'm fol- lowing it's murderous path to destruction at every available moment, Once you've seen these a A laiqe heist dies and the last itf mr p Diver bnlis is wasted.

In PM2 Extra they've really gone to town, with higher resolu- tion rendered laptops and secre- taries. But in fact they suc- ceed only in looking like are dressed up plastic mannequins, if you're going to use renders they have to be used in the right place. You are pitted against three other managers who can be either com- puter or human controlled. These guys are pretty smart too. In terms of options you can do everything from from dealing with sponsors to creating new tactics and carrying out specific training programs. You can only renew one contract or buy one player per week and there's no option to give a player a free trans- fer.

It's also not possible, say, to buy a player for money as well as conducting a player swop. These aspects are irritating. Each section of the game from the board room to the manager's office is represented with artwork, accessed through the open side of a building and it's aH that bit brighter and cheerier, Tm still not happy with the layout of these screens, though.

Some of the rooms have very few objects to look at and are a bit of a waste of time, it could have been dome much more compactly. The tactics editor is still brilliant though. If this is your area of inter- est then PM2 stands out as the best. Tactics can be created from scratch and it's also possible to move players anywhere on the pitch in a very precise manner.

However, with SWOS now even more manage- ment orientated and Ultimate Soccer Manager still high in the charts, PM2 Extra has a tough battle ahead, Though still a solid game it's not that much better than the first version to warrant an upgrade unless you're a real fan. The Fourth Level software includes the advanced tools Tor removable media which have until now. Ami-FileSaie - the new tiling 53 stem which has taken the Amiga market place by storm - is also included along with with Full CDRom support.

This is a video you must not miss. Dealers can supply AFS as standard. AFS protects your hard drive from invalidation. FL Distribution ermany: Orebro Videoreklam l;ily; Db-Line outh frica: Team 17 r Look, it's definitely not Zelda, right. No way. Enter a cute adventure game like no other nearly and become king if you can. Take Speris Legacy for exam pie. A king has two sons. One is evil and twisted and the other is good. However, the good son luckily made an agree- ment with a mate that should he be murdered he. I mean really! Then Charles bumps Eddie off, but lo and behold, the young prince has made an agreement with a mate of his to take over the throne if such a thing ever happened?

What would the Prime Minister say? What would the London taxi drivers say?

Full text of "CU Amiga Magazine Issue "

And SO' yet another game with a hopelessly ridiculous plot ends up packing the RAM on my Amiga, a game which we cover disk demo'd and previewed six A Che, what a lad. Shhhhhh keep it under your hat! Would the real Zelda please step forward, Zelda not at all like The Speris Legacy first appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System NES way beck in and intro- duced video game players to a world of magic, mystery and danger.

The story is based in a place called Hyrule and centres around the Triforce of Power. When Princess Zelda learned that Qanon had acquired a piece of the Triforce. A young man called Link learns of the Triforce and Princess Zelda and sets off to rescue both. Since the original version, there was a second game on the WES called Zelda 2: Are you You enter the game with Cho getting out oi bed and what you do next is up to you. I mean this, You walk out of his twee little cottage and can wander the length and breath of Speris City for hours doing nothing if you please. Only by talking to people will you get hints at what comes next and soon a scenario will build up and you'll be off collect- ing weapons, useful objects and teleporting around the place like a Star Trek veteran.

Apart from moving in four directions via joystick or key- board! He can use a weapon, talk to someone, look at something or pick something up, All of these are accessed by pressing the fire button. Which course of action he will take depends on who or what he is confronted with. Most 'peo- ple' and I use this term loosely!

Some will have lit- tle to say r others will be extremely helpful. However, the baddies, easily recognised as various blobs, mutants, suits of armour and aliens, will not talk so press ing Che's fire button automatically attacks them. Some of these enemies are devilishly difficult to keep aim on though. If Cho is able to talk to someone a tiny speech bubble will appear above his head as [they approach. Pressing the fire wtton brings up a text screen Yhich usually contains a menu of statements or questions.

Sometimes you will have to chosse Cho's statements careful- ly, other times the conversations will be short. If he can look at something and give you a descrip- tion a little eye will appear over his head. This pr. I say lives because some of the enemies have a habit of knocking energy off Cho and when his energy bar becomes empty you lose a life, To reach weapons you need to avoid or destroy the enemy, the advantage of the latter being that you can collect the gems the bad guys leave behind when they pop their clogs. These will pay for more weapons and objects in the shop and from casual passers by- Weapons can be accessed either through handy keyboard shortcuts or via an inventory.

This is divided up into Weapons and Objects and Cho can use one weapon and one object at a time. Sometimes it is necessary to combine weapons and objects, like n and grenades and matches while particular weapons or objects are required to defeat par- ticular types of enemy or get past specific obstacles. Cho even has at his disposal a pair of Zeftfe-like boots which enable him to travel super-fast. And just so you know that Speris is not at all tikeZeida they're called Speed boots, as opposed to Pegasus boots. What I said at the beginning about wandering around aimlessly can stop becoming a joke after a while, Speris is diffi- cult, not too difficult, just frustrat- ing ly so.

There are precious few hints as to what you need to do next and sooner or later the end- less meandering begins to wear you down. There is a save option that allows you to enter and leave the game speedily and I do appre- ciate these touches you know! With just average graphics some of the characters and objects are a bit blocky and a tuneful backing track that changes with location, Speris is a nice adventure but nothing special.

I kept playing it out of duty more than enjoyment, though when you do actually succeed at something it is a hoot.

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Some of the interac- tion is funny but a lot is not. Speris had more potential though. With better interaction more puzzly things to do, allied to more guidance in solving what puzzles there are it would have held my attention much better. All 3. Built In stereo speakers. Enhance the Output of your printer Inc. Et Maybe not in this case. Icons at Hie rjcrtcm from left: The idea behind both games is the same, you're given a stretch of and and left to use your business acumen to create a thriv- ing resort.

However the similarities end there, because Hitfsea Lido lacks the superb graphics and sound of Bullfrog's ThemePark, Bit don't damn the game just yet, it's from the same stable as Valthaiia and Timekeepers, and the latter was a minor hit last year. It's showtime It really is all fun and games. To get your resort off to a start you need to book cabaret. There are five wacky acts to choose from for the show, which runs once a week. They're fun to watch and tolcan have kindly provided an option to skip the show if you don't want to sit through it all again.

This is handy because there are only so many times you can sit tfirough Basil's Bendy Balloons, The idea though is that you earn enough cash to book a more expensive show. And the more expensive the show the higher price ticket and the more cash you get your hands on. Advertising the show is also very important, otherwise no-one will turn up. You can do this by clicking on the little man with the billboard at the bottom of your screen. Moneygoround The overall aim of the game is to make the resort as nice as possi- ble so you get lots of visitors who will pay to go to your shows.

But the show is not the only way to make money in HL. There's whole host of money spinning items. You can start off small: Then as you make more money you can buy things such as dingy hire r water skis, speed boats and paragliding facili- ties. The same goes for the promenade. You can begin by putting a few small attractions here and there; fortune telling machines and teddy grabbers or you can put your business head on and aim to set up postcard stalls, ice- cream shops, coffee shops, fish and chips, an the usual stuff.

This is where the economics side comes in as you get to set the selling price of your goods and your staff's commission. You've got to balance it right Too high a price and no-one will buy, too low a commission and your staff will be upset. Keeping the shops stocked is also important. A quick call to the warehouse will sort this out, though at times the availability of goods can be unpredictable- How you decide tomanageand plan your resort is up to you.

As well as making money you've got to keep your visitors happy. Clicking on the group icon bottom right will quickly tell you what they want next for their beach or prom- enade. They don't like dirt; if you don't keep the maintenance up" on your shops and keep the place clean they'll soon let you know using an annoying Valhalla style 'awwwh' cry.

I see Up I. You need to impress the inspector otherwise you mightn't get those lovely cash awards at the end of the week for clean beach and promenade facilities.

Blackberry foursquare sorunu

Other cash awards include length of resort and number of visitors. HL is entertaining for a while, if you don't mind dodgy sprites and those annoying Lord Of Infinity noises, After a while though it becomes boring and ends up being too repetitive without any real reward, The novelty wears off and soon you really don't care whether the show is booked, the ice cream shop is empty or Joe's cafe is filthy.

You just want to leave your little people to perish in squalor. A Hie four mi Hie- left are [Ik prum buys. What about Judge Dredd? Assassin's Creed VR 1. Asus ZPro-Gaming Anakart 1. Asus Zenfone 2. Asus Zenfone 3 1. Asus Zenfone Zoom 1. Azemax IP 1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1. Battalion 1. Battleborn 2. Bitcon 1.

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