Super meat boy android port

Super Meat Boy: The Game jumping onto iOS, Android

The Game was indeed a real project. Not a port of their incredibly successful platformer Super Meat Boy , but rather a complete reimagining of the game with touch controls in mind. In October of that year, following several updates on the development of Super Meat Boy: The Game project on indefinite hold to make Mew-Genics their priority. There were several updates on the progress of Mew-Genics throughout before THAT game was also put on indefinite hold.

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It essentially looked like what they had wanted to do with Super Meat Boy: The Game all those years ago. Is This a Terrible Mobile Game? Oh well, we believe what we want to believe, I guess. And everything seems to be as expected. Which is good, because we expected it to be good.

Super Meat Boy

Players assume the role of a small red blob called Meat Boy, who must save his girlfriend, who's made of bandages, from the game's antagonist, Dr. The fundamentals of the game are still the same as they were on every other platform.

Port Forward Super Meat Boy

You have to run, jump, and slosh your way through over insane platforming levels, all with subtle nods towards classic franchises like Castlevania, Metroid and Street Fighter. Super Meat Boy just feels right as a handheld title. In fact, I would argue that the Switch is the platform that this game was made for.

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That said, the ability to remap the controls to match GBA Mario wouldn't have gone amiss. The game looks as lovely as ever, but Super Meat Boy's graphical ambition was never astronomical.

Super Meat Boy to Android? - Android - MoDaCo

Its charm remains in its simplicity, and the portable nature of the Switch only compliments that. One thing that holds the game back a tad is the sound design. While this is a great port of Team Meat's classic hardcore platformer, the absence of the game's original banging soundtrack is jarring. Sure, it can't be helped thanks to to copyright issues, but the new tunes just don't compare to those that accompanied the original version.

Super Meat Boy - Android Gameplay HD

Double trouble Super Meat Boy's Switch port introduces a race mode, where two players can go head-to-head in a split screen race through a number of levels.