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A big win. Just be prepared to clean out those grooves every once in a while. Another great case, worth showing off, especially for those of you who are big carbon-fibe fans. While it may not provide as much grip as the Caseology Wavelength, the carbon fiber and faux leather are a definite improvement over slippery plastic backs.

Caseology earns a 3rd mention in the list with the SkyFall series. The name reminds me of the James Bond movie, although the case design reminds me nothing of it.

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The crystal clear backing is again useful for any skin additions. Incase is another one of those well known brands whom have been around for a while. I was pretty impressed with the Incase Textured Snap case when I first picked it up. Be careful however, if your slipping this into bluejeans, as the dye might transfer easily!

UAG (Urban Armor Gear) Monarch

It provides the grip we all typically look for in a case and it feels uniquely comfortable in the hand. It docks! The bottom portion of the case slides downwards and is completely removable for docking. The Incase Icon is mainly for the minimalist who prefers only subtle flare. What it does have however, is the mesh-style back which enhances your grip. The Tensaerlite material provides a nicer grip, especially when you consider the built-in rear facing mesh pattern.

That is, to not leak water inside the case when submerged. So, why risk it with a cheap-o case from somewhere else? Spigen is also known for delivering a range of low-to-high levels of impact protection within the lineup. From ultra-thin to rugged. The carbon fiber top and bottom is a nice touch.

The Best iPhone 7 Cases, Right Now!

I originally thought that the carbon fiber material would of been a cheap sticker that would peel off easily, I was surprisingly wrong. The best selling Spigen case to date, the Spigen Tough Armor. They also offer a clear TPU insert color option to go along with the exterior shell component. The iPhone 7 Plus version, includes a kick-stand, while not the best it will do just fine if you go easy on it.

Speaking of Kickstands, Spigen has one of the better options amongst the kickstands in the phone case business. They even sell it separately so that you can attach it to practically any phone case. It fits perfectly, is very thin and makes it feel as if your iPhone is running around naked.

The best Winterboard themes for iOS 7

No, seriously, the case is barely there. This is partly due to the fact that the iPhone 7 is so slim even with out a case, but to have a thin case on top of it, barely makes it noticeable. The slightly texted design in the back is an added bonus for grip. It would be nice to see more colors offered, but currently there is only just one.

The high-price tag. The dust ports are a nice addition. Dare I say this is the cheaper alternative to an OtterBox? A shiny case for the iPhone 7 that protects! It would be phenomenal if Apple created a Leather alternative for a premium option. The best part about this case, is that it will rely on your existing Apple Lightning cable. Finally, a battery pack case that can also be used with all of those fancy QI-Enabled wireless chargers out there!

This case is almost a dream. Additionally, you can find a handful of accessories that pair up very well with the Mophie Juice Pack Air case. The Mophie Juice Pair Air, includes a hidden light-weight metal plate, which allows it to attach to a variety of magnetic accessories. Additional Accessories: The X-Doria Rumble Series has a crazy cool design. The textured grip areas are very welcoming and help to compliment the unique design. Clear cases are always fun because you can easily add a custom iPhone Skin on your phone to let it show through the case.

The X-Doria ImpactPro, is a light weight, textured-grip case that will provide the all around protection you need for your iPhone 7. It comes in a few cool colors that surround most of the border, just like you see with the teal option pictured above. But it does have a Iridescent color option on the bezel! The bezel attaches separately almost like a rubber band, which makes it a bit thinner than most typical Hybrid Cases. This is a re-make of the version from the iPhone 6 which was at one time, an Amazon Best seller.

The Ringke Flex S, sprinkles a little bit of everything good into a single case. Faux leather, carbon fiber, impact protection in the corner, raised lip, grip support, lanyard attachment and a less common feature — a raised lip in the top and bottom of the back. Both of which are never noticeable while holding, but it does provide extra shock absorption from a back-first drop to the ground. Trust me, I am surprised by how much better TPU cases have become over the years. The more light that hits it, the better. Protection and grip, is just as good as any other TPU case.

The Ringe Max, with the exception of the gold color, reminds me of something you would find in someones toolbox.

50+ Best iPhone 7 Cases from Stylish to Rugged

It just looks efficient. It made the list because of uniqueness, along with protection. The Ringke Max comes in 4 color choices and it just might be the right design for some out there. The outer shell clips on in a slightly different way than other similar cases do, which makes this case less boring. Grippy texture is found all over the Max Case. In the buttons, the side and the back. This is surely something you will find useful if your not a fan of slippery cases. While a wallet case will never fully replace a purse.

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Not only does it hold cards, cash and change. It also sports an interior mirror for a quick touch-up! Lastly, the metal plate on the outside of the wallet gives it a nice finishing touch. It looks more like a purse or clutch than an actual wallet case. It reminds me of something you might carry on your night out or while hanging around the bars in a Vegas casino.

Free Download. It also supports offline reading: Besides, the built-in browser makes it very comfy to browse web right from within the app. You can quickly find the articles you want to read by searching in the app or Spotlight. Even better, the app has the support of multiple languages like English, French, German, Japanese, Romanian, and Spanish. Feeddler is one of the best RSS readers ever built. Highly user-friendly features like offline reading, Gesture-based controls, full-screen browsing, UI customization like night-mode, make it a great for reading.

Feedly is a brilliant RSS reader app and a must have for learners as well as passionate readers. The app lets you organize your blogs, publications, and even YouTube channels so that you can quickly access everything you want to read. It presents your articles in an easy-to-read format. Hence, you enjoy reading with complete peace of mind. As Feedly is connected with more than 40 million feeds, you will get to read anything and everything you like reading. Moreover, it is integrated with several services like Twitter, Facebook to let you share your favorite articles with your friends and followers.

Flipboard is one of the most loved news apps that also functions admirably as a handy RSS reader. You can create up to 10 smart magazines to have instant access to the sort of articles you like reading. Based on what catches your eyeballs, it also suggests articles so that you can have easy access to everything you are passionate about. Even better, it also lets you read top tweets from reputable sources so that you remain in the loop.

Additionally, Flipboard is available in 25 local editions, including versions for Australia, Brazil, Turkey, India, and China. What I really appreciate in Unread is the highly impressive user-interface. Thanks to convenient gesture-based one-handed navigation and a great mix of typography, it provides a delightful reading experience. Unread boasts some themes designed to let you read comfortably in different lighting conditions. The RSS reader fully supports VoiceOver that makes it enormously helpful for the readers with vision impairments.

Though the app is free to download, you will be allowed to read only three articles per day after you have read 50 articles. Then after, you will need to upgrade to the premium version of the app. As the app supports most RSS and Atom feeds, you will be able to access articles from top sources. You can star posts and also mark them as unread in order to easily find them later to read.

Feeder allows you to view all of your unread articles in one consolidated list.

It also sends you the push notification whenever any new post appears. You can choose how often your feed should get updated and even edit feeds and folders to suit your needs better. The app uses a compact grid to present your article in an easy to navigate format. Hence, you are able to browse through posts and find out the ones you like without spending much time. With the use of the built-in browser, you can search articles and news on the web. It also supports bookmarks and allows you to access them on your Mac.

Best RSS Reader Apps for iPhone and iPad

Once you have read articles, they are marked in the grid so that you can see the ones you have already read. It would really have been a big mistake to miss out on such a fine RSS feed reader like Inoreader. If you want to keep a tab on the latest news with ease, it would be a great pick. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to track news based on specific keyboards.

While browsing the web if you find anything worth reading, you can save it to read later. The RSS reader keeps a tab on what you have read. As a result, it shows only the unread items. Furthermore, you can update to the premium version of the app to unlock features like offline reading, active search and more.