Ios 7 iphone 5s jailbreak

Hit "Restart Springboard" once it's complete. Once your device resprings, go into Airplane Mode to cut off communication and streamline the process, then open Rollectra. From there, simply tap on "Unjailbreak," then "Erase All" on the prompt, to remove your jailbreak.

The app will now proceed to reset your device, so sit back and wait for the process to complete. Note that if your device appears to freeze up at any time while restoring, give it a minute or two and check for movement within the bar under the Apple logo. Perform a force restart if no movement is detected to jump-start the process.

Restoring your iPhone using iTunes is by far the easiest way to remove its jailbreak. Connect your iPhone to your computer, then launch iTunes if it doesn't open automatically. Once your device has successfully connected to iTunes, click on the iPhone icon in the top-left corner to go to your device's summary page. Now, hit the "Restore iPhone" button within the "Summary" tab, and follow the prompts that appear. Your device will now go through the motions of reverting back to stock, so just wait for the process to complete. Once complete, your device will automatically boot up on the activation screen.

Unfortunately, restoring your iPhone to a non-jailbroken state using the regular iTunes method covered above is far from bulletproof and sometimes will fail to restore your device due to various errors. So if want to avoid this potential problem altogether, you have the option of putting your device in recovery mode to help ensure a painless procedure.

Should you jailbreak your iOS device?

To do so, first, connect your device to your computer and establish a connection with iTunes. Once you've verified the connection, perform one of the following button commands that correspond with your device:. From there, follow the prompts on iTunes by first clicking on "Restore. If all else fails, you still have the option of restoring your iPhone by putting it into DFU for a clean restore of your device.

Device Firmware Upgrade mode, or DFU mode, for short, is the last resort you can take to restore your device to factory settings in the event that it becomes bricked due to a faulty restore or another unforeseen mishap. This method also involves iTunes, so plug your device into your computer to get started, and make sure that connection is established between iTunes and your device. After you've done so, perform one of the following button combinations that correspond to your device:. Once you've successfully booted up your iPhone into DFU mode, you can hit "OK" to close the iTunes recovery prompt and proceed to restore it back to factory settings by selecting "Restore iPhone" under iPhone Recovery Mode inside iTunes.

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Your device will automatically exit out of DFU mode and boot up to its initial activation screen after the restore process is completed. Once the official version of iOS is restored on your iPhone, you're free to head to an Apple Store and get Genius Bar support or make warranty claims, if that's why you did this.

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There's also a powerful customization app called WinterBoard that lets you do all of the above, plus customize sounds, all in one go. Jailbreaking exposes the inner workings of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to its user, which can be very useful. For example, installing a secure shell SSH client lets you securely move data between two devices on a network.

The iOS 7 Jailbreak Is Finally Worth Installing On Newer iPhones And iPads | Cult of Mac

Using SSH, you can connect your jailbroken iPhone to your computer and fix corrupted files, or install games that aren't available in the iTunes App Store. The default password is 'alpine' and everybody knows it. So if you don't change it, everyone can get into your phone. You can "unlock" your jailbroken iPhone or iPad to go from one cellular provider to another at will, as long as they're both carriers that use the GSM wireless standard, and, sometimes, the LTE standard as well.

Most U. Yet policies among the major carriers still vary greatly. Most of them require that your payment obligations have been fulfilled before they will unlock a handset, but will usually unlock a device for international travel or if the customer is a U. Unlocked or Carrier? For those, you'd have to bring your device into the desired carrier's retail store, where a technician might be able "flash" its firmware to the new network. Things get complicated with the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Ask the carrier if it can activate the other radio.

Jailbreaking absolutely makes your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch an easier target for malware. Most documented malware for iOS has affected only jailbroken devices. You really don't know how secure your device will be after it's been jailbroken. That's because you've fundamentally changed the whole operating system, according to Armstrong.

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The iOS 7 Jailbreak Is Finally Worth Installing On Newer iPhones And iPads

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How to untethered jailbreak iOS 7.0.x on iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 using Evasi0n

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